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Herpetology Department

Research Collections


The department maintains an extensive library including a large reprint collection. Herpetological books and journals acquired by the MCZ Ernst Mayr Library are deposited in the herpetology department's collection. A major part of the library's holdings were donated from the personal libraries of past curators (Thomas Barbour, Arthur Loveridge and Ernest E. Williams).


Appointments to use the Library can be made through the Department of Herpetology at 617.495.2496. The library is open Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm.

For security and safety reasons, a staff member must always be present when the library is in use. Special arrangements must be made for library use requiring extensive research or if intensive assistance is required of the Herpetology staff. These special arrangements will be made at the discretion of the Herpetology staff, and are subject to other commitments of the staff during any given time. Users requiring such use should make preparations well in advance of their anticipated need.


Due to the diverse nature of the library's holdings, the circulation policies vary. Material catalogued on the MCZ (HOLLIS) catalogue circulate according to the policies in effect at the Ernst Mayr Library. Books and periodicals that normally circulate can be checked out and obtained through the MCZ Ernst Mayr Library. The reprint collection and herpetology department books do not circulate and can be consulted in the library by appointment.

All queries can be directed to either the faculty/collections assistant, Jared Hughes, 617.495.2496, or the curatorial associate, Jose Rosado, 617.496.1051.