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MCZ Ichthyology Graduate Alumni

  • Brainerd, Elizabeth Lowden. 1991. Biomechanics of lung ventilation and body inflation in basal vertebrates. PhD Thesis.
  • Drucker, Eliot Gilbert. 1996. Mechanics of pectoral fin locomotion in the surfperches (Perciformes). PhD Thesis.
  • Hernandez, Luz Patricia 1999. Ontogeny and scaling of feeding mechanics in the Danio clade:overcoming sticky situations. PhD Thesis.
  • Higuchi, Horacio. 1992. A phylogeny of the South American thorny catfishes (Osteichthys; Siluriformes, Doradidae). Ph D Thesis.
  • Irish, Frances Jane. 1987. Analysis of design in the feeding apparatus of fishes and snakes. PhD Thesis.
  • Jensen, Jeffery Scott. 1993. Relationships and trophic functional morphology of the Embiotocidae (Perciformes). Ph D Thesis.
  • Lauder, George Varick, Jr. 1979. Comparative functional anatomy and evolution of the feeding mechanism in ray-finned fishes. PhD Thesis.
  • Launer, Alan Eugene. 1989. Onotogenetic changes in the kinematics of prey capture in centrarchid fishes. PhD Thesis.
  • Lobel, Philip. 1979. Trophic Biology of Herbivorous Reef Fishes. Ph.D.Thesis.
  • McKinnon, Jeffrey Scott. 1994. Sexual selection and male coloration in threespine stickleback. PhD Thesis.
  • Nemeth, Donna. 1996. Functional morphology and modulation of prey capture behavior in hexagrammid fishes (Scorpaeniformes). PhD Thesis. Donna is now curator of Exhibits at Coral World, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.
  • Ono, Richard Dana. 1981. Patterns of inervation and muscle architecture in fishes. PhD Thesis.
  • Sanderson, Sarah Laurie. 1987. The origin of Trophic specialization in wrasses (Pisces:Labridae): functional morphology of prey capture. PhD Thesis.
  • Wu, Ernest Han-ping. 1993. The functional Morphology of feeding mechanisms in orectolobiform sharks. PhD Thesis.