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The ichthyology collection at the Museum of Comparative Zoology is an International Ichthyological Resource Center in North America (see Copeia, 1976:625-642 and 1995:48-70). Since the 1976 review, the number of specimens in the collection has quadrupled, the quality greatly improved, and the accessibility significantly enhanced, resulting in a great increase in loans, visitors, exchanges and accessions. The present size of the collection, as of May, 2007, is 167,801 lots conservatively estimated at 1.3 million specimens, with at least 3,000 lots of putative types.

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Currently all of the MCZ fish holdings can be searched directly through MCZbase and on GBIF's Portal.

brindle shiner

MCZ 95249 Notropis bifrenatus 38mm SL, Pentucket Pond, Groveland, MA. Photo: K.E.Hartel




Global Distribution of MCZ Fish Collection Localities

fish localities

Map showing the distribution localities from which MCZ fish specimens were collected. Almost half of the collection's locality records (13,684 of 27,893) have accompanying geo-referenced data.