Phylum Bryozoa

Bryozoans are very abundant in the Trenton Group limestones at West Canada Creek and it is only logical that bryozoan specimens make up a sizable portion of the MCZ's collections from this area. Even so, these specimens have not been properly identified or updated to mordern taxonomy. That is why this section will remain under construction until these specimens can be studied, because bryozoans do form an important part of the Ordovician ecosystem represented in the Trenton Group.

A program of thin sectioning and research of the Trenton bryozoa will soon begin at the MCZ. New cutting and grinding equipment have been aquired through this NSF grant to section and study specimens from the MCZ's large collection of Walcott-Rust Quarry bryozoa.

For publications concerning Trenton Group bryozoa the papers of June P. Ross, published between 1964 and 1970, are suggested reading:

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The image below gives a simple idea of the types of bryozoans seen in the Trenton limestone (black arrows indicate a bryozoan specimen).

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