Subphylum Echinozoa

EDRIOASTEROIDEA- Description from Regnéll, 1966

-Species Descriptions-
EDRIOASTEROIDEA - Description from Regnéll, 1966


?Edrioaster bigsbyi Hall, 1858

Description: Theca subcircular to subpentagonal, diameter 14 to 50 mm, height 0.25 to 0.5 mm of width; interambulacrals generally more of less pustulose or granulose, separated from central aboral region by frame of stouter plates; peripheral plates of aboral face variable in size, but not minute, central plates minute and tending to imbricate; ambulacra comparatively broad, raised or not raised above the general surface, A, B, D, E curving in a contrasolar direction, C in solar direction, or all curving solarly; small median cover plates may be present; peristome covered by solid tegmen of plates serially homologous with ambulacral cover plates; anus well defined, covered by variable number of irregular plates.

Ecology: Lived attached to some type of firm substrate such as a hardground or to a living or dead organism such as a brachiopod, bryozoan, or crinoid stem lying on the sea floor. Feed by bringing food to the mouth through a subvective system of ciliated grooves protected by cover plates.

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  ?Edrioaster bigsbyi, MCZ 125601    
MCZ 125601: 26mm wide

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