CONULARIDA – Descriptions from Walcott, 1875 and Foerste, 1928.

-Species Descriptions-
CONULARIDA – Descriptions from Walcott, 1875 and Foerste, 1928.
  Conularia quadrata Walcott, 1876 Description from Walcott, 1876

Conularia quadrata Walcott, 1876, p. 93.

Description: Slender, pyramidal, and quadrate. Angles are sulcate. Surface marked by oblique transverse ridges that alternate upon opposite sides of a central longitudinal ridge. The transverse ridges are sharp near the apex, growing broader at the mouth, toward which they incline. Each side is slightly depressed along the central ridge.

        Conularia quadrata, MCZ 114219                  
MCZ 114219: Holotype, 22mm long

Metaconularia gradulata? (Hall, 1847) Description from Foerste, 1928

Metaconularia sp. Foerste, 1928; Sinclair, 1940, p. 109.
Metaconularia gradulata? (Hall, 1847). Foerste, 1928, p. 109, pl. 29, fig. 2.
Conularia gradulata Hall, 1847, p. 223, pl. L9, fig. 2.

Description: Metaconularia grandulata? differs from Metaconularia papillata in that both the vertical and the transverse rows of papillae are more numerous and the papillae tend to be elongated in the vertical direction.

  Metaconularia gradulata, MCZ 114217  
MCZ 114217: Hypotype, 50 mm long

Metaconularia papillata (Hall, 1847) Description from Foerste, 1928

Metaconularia papillata (Hall, 1847). Foerste, 1928, p. 107, pl. 29, fig. 1;. Sinclair, 1940, p. 108, pl. 2, fig, 1; Van Iten, 1992a, p. 342; Van Iten, 1992b, p. 361.
Conularia papillata Hall, 1847, p. 223, pl. 59, fig. 3a-3b.

Description: The shell looks like it consisted of a tough chitinous material and the four angles of the shell are occupied by an impressed groove. Along the middle of each face is a distinct narrow groove, on each side of which there is an additional impressed groove locating the position of the septum in the interior of the shell. The surface of the shell is marked by minute papillae arranged in vertical and transverse rows crossing each other at right angles. The general surface of the specimen is flat, and not raised into distinct transverse ridges alternating with grooves, as in a typical Conularia.


  Metaconularida papillata, MCZ 114218 Metacunularida papillata, MCZ 145743      
MCZ 114218: Hypotype, 240mm long
MCZ 145743: 99mm long

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