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Invertebrate Paleontology Department

Collection Policies

Collection & Space Management Policy

A. Management of the Collections

Ultimate responsibility for the management of the collections rests with the Director. The Department, however, has the responsibility for producing and maintaining a written Museum Collections Policy describing the current activities in collection management and any necessary procedural manuals. The Department goals will be clearly stated and any deviation from their goals will be brought to the attention of the Director.

B. Space & Acquisition Management

The Department is responsible to the Director for assuring that proper and safe care of its collection area. Adequate balance of available space for access, conservation and security of Department collections will be maintained. At the end of each fiscal year the Curatorial Associate will prepare for the Department a written overview statement which will consist of:

  1. Summary of the status of the physical condition of the collections at present.
  2. Statement concerning where acquisitions would be most helpful.
  3. General summary of materials acquired in the previous years including a statement of growth in finite terms (i.e. 10 cubic feet, 15 drawers of specimens).
  4. Status report on curation of collections acquired.
  5. Statement of known or likely acquisitions in the coming and/or future years. This report will be forwarded to the Director along with any requests necessary concerning space, storage hardware or major collection supplies needed in the coming year.

All decisions concerning space allocation within standing Departmental areas are to be settled within the Department. Any extraordinary needs will be discussed among those Departments, which might be effected, and proposals sent to the Director for comment.