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Occasional Papers on Mollusks

Volume 1

Introduction by W.J. Clench & R.D. Turner. i-xii.

1. Abbott, R.T. 1945. A new Celebes freshwater snail (Hydrobiinae). 1-4.
2. Abbott, R.T. 1945. The Philippine intermediate snail host (Schistosomophora quadrasi) of Schistosomiasis. 5-16.
3. Clench, W.J. 1945. Some notes on the life and explorations of Hugh Cuming. 17-28.
4. Smith, L.C. 1945. Notes on the family Cardiidae. 29-32.
5. Johnson, R.I. 1946. Joseph Pitty Couthouy - A bibliography and catalogue of his species. 33-40.
6. Abbott, R.T. 1946. The egg and breeding habits of Oncomelania quadrasi Mlldff., the Schistosomiasis snail of the Philippines. 41-48.
7. Clench, W.J. 1946. The poison cone shell. 49-80.
8. Turner, R.D. 1946. John Gould Anthony with a bibliography and catalogue of his species. 81-108.
9. Johnson, R.I. 1946. Anodonta implicata Say. 109-116.
10. Clench, W.J. 1946. A catalogue of the genus Liguus with a description of a new subgenus. 117-128.
11. Champion, M.E. 1947. Edward Sylvester Morse with a bibliography and a catalogue of his species. 129-144.
12. Johnson, R.I. 1947. Lampsilis cariosa Say and Lampsilis ochracea Say. 145-156.
13. Clench, W.J. & R.D. Turner. 1948. A catalogue of the family Truncatellidae with notes and descriptions of new species. 157-212.
14. Johnson, R.I. 1949. Jesse Wedgwood Mighels with a bibliography and a catalogue of his species. 213-231.
15. Clench, W.J. & R.D. Turner. 1950. The western atlantic marine mollusks described by C.B. Adams. 233-403.
16. Clench, W.J. 1951. Busycon coarctatum Sowerby. 405-409.
17. Clench, W.J. & C.G. Aguayo. 1952. The scalarinum species complex (Umbonis) in the genus Cerion. 413-440.
18. Clench, W.J. & R.D. Turner. 1954. Review number and index. 441-452.

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Volume 2

19. Clench, W.J. & R.D. Turner. 1955. The North American genus Lioplax in the family Viviparidae. 1-20.
20. Turner, R.D. 1956. The eastern Pacific marine mollusks described by C.B. Adams. 21-136.
21. Turner, R.D. 1957. Charles Johnson Maynard and his work in malacology. 137-152.
22. Turner, R.D. 1958. The genus Hemitrochus in Puerto Rico. 153-178.
23. Turner, R.D. 1959. Notes on the genus Taheitia (Truncatellidae) in New Guinea with the description of a new species. 181-188.
24. Rosewater, J. 1959. Calvin Goodrich; a bibliography and catalogue of his species. 189-208.
25. Merrill, A.S. 1959. A comparison of Cyclopecten nanus Verrill and Bush and Placopecten magellanicus (Gmelin). 209-228.
26. Clench, W.J. 1961. Land and freshwater mollusks of Caicos, Turks, Ragged Islands and Islands on the Cay Sal Bank, Bahamas. 229-259.
27. Clench, W.J. 1962. A catalogue of the Viviparidae of North America with notes on the distribution of Viviparus georgianus Lea. 261-287.
28. Turner, R.D. 1962. Nettastomella japonica Yokoyama in North America and notes on the Pholadidae. 289-308.
29. Boss, K.J. 1964. New species of Tellina from the western Atlantic. 309-324.
30. Boss, K.J. & V.C. Kenk. 1964. Anatomy and relationships of Temnoconcha brasiliana Dall. 325-343.
31. Clench, W.J. 1964. Land and freshwater Mollusca of the Cayman Islands, West Indies. 345-380.
32. Clench, W.J. & S.L.H. Fuller. 1965. The genus Viviparus (Viviparidae) in North America. 385-412.
33. Boss, K.J. 1965. Catalogue of the family Pandoridae (Mollusca: Bivalvia). 413-424.
34. Clench, W.J. 1965. Review Number and Index, including Introduction. 425-431; i-xvi.

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Volume 3

Introduction, Index and Preface by K.J. Boss.
35. Johnson, R.I. 1967. Illustrations of all the mollusks described by Berlin Hart and Samuel Hart Wright. 1-35.
36. Clench, W.J. 1967. William Gaillard Mazyck (1846-1942) with a bibliography and catalogue of his species. 37-43.
37. Boss, K.J. & W.J. Clench. 1967. Notes on Pleurobema collina (Conrad) from the James River, Virginia. 45-52.
38. Clench, W.J. 1970. Land Mollusca of Saba Island, Lesser Antilles. 53-60.
39. Clench, W.J. & M.K. Jacobson. 1970. The genus Priotrochatella (Mollusca: Helicinidae) of the Isle of Pines and Jamaica, West Indies. 61-80.
40. Boss, K.J. 1971. Critical estimate of the number of recent Mollusca. 81-135.
41. Johnson, R.I. 1972. Illustrations of all of the mollusks described by Lorraine Screven Frierson. 137-173.
42. Bullock, R.C. 1972. On the taxonomy of Chaetopleura fulva (Wood 1815) (Mollusca: Polyplacophora). 177-191.
43. Johnson, R.I. & K.J. Boss. 1972. The fresh-water, brackish, and non-Jamaican land mollusks described by C.B. Adams. 193-233.
44. Bullock, R.C. 1972. Notes on the genus Chiton in the western Indian Ocean (Mollusca: Polyplacophora). 237-251.
45. Boss, K.J. & M.K. Jacobson. 1973. Monograph of Ceratodiscus (Archaeogastropoda; Helicinidae). 253-279.
46. Johnson, R.I. 1973. Distribution of Hydrobiidae, a family of fresh and brackish water gastropods, in peninsular Florida. 281-303.
47. Jacobson, M.K. & K.J. Boss. 1973. The Jamaican land shells described by C.B. Adams. 305-519.

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Volume 4

Introduction, Index, and Preface by K.J. Boss.
48. Boss, K.J. & M.K. Jacobson. 1974. Monograph of the genus Lucidella in Cuba (Prosobranchia: Helicinidae). 1-27.
49. Boss, K.J. & M.K. Jacobson. 1974. Catalogue of the taxa of Lucidella (Prosobranchia: Helicinidae). 29-38.
50. Burch, J.B. & P.T. LoVerde. 1974. Apical shell sculpture of some North American freshwater limpets (Gastropoda: Basommatophora). 39-49.
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52. Boss, K.J. & M.K. Jacobson. 1975. Catalogue of the taxa of the subfamily Proserpininae (Helicinidae: Prosobranchia). 93-102.
53. Boss, K.J. & M.K. Jacobson. 1975. Felipe Poey with a catalogue of the Mollusca described by him. 105-132.
54. Johnson, R.I. 1975. R. Ellsworth Call with bibliography of his works on mollusks and a catalogue of his taxa. 133-144.
55. Lyons, W.G. 1977. Comments on three Jamaican melanellid species described by C.B. Adams (Gastropoda: Melanellidae). 149-157.
56. Johnson, R.I. 1977. Monograph of the genus Medionidus (Bivalvia: Unionidae) mostly from the Apalachicolan Region, Southeastern United States. 161-187.
57. Boss, K.J. 1977. Monograph of Iacra (Bivalvia: Semelidae). 189-225.
58. Johnson, R.I. 1977. Arnold Edward Ortmann, a bibliography of his works on mollusks, with a catalogue of his recent molluscan taxa. 229-241.
59. Martins, A.M.F. 1981. Oxychilus (Drouetia) agostinhoi new species (Stylommatophora: Zonitidae) from the Azores Islands, its anatomy and phylogenetic relationships. 245-266.
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62. Johnson, R.I. 1983. Margaritifera marrianae, a new species of Unionacea (Bivalvia: Margaritiferidae) from the Mobile-Alabama-Coosa and Escambia River systems, Alabama. 299-304.
63. Johnson, R.I. 1984. A new mussel, Lampsilis (Lampsilis) fullerkati (Bivalvia: Unionidae) from Lake Waccamaw, Columbus County, North Carolina, with a list of the other unionid species on the Waccamaw River system. 305-319.
64. Smith, D.G. & W.P. Wall. 1984. The Margaritiferidae reinstated: A reply to Davis and Fuller (1981), "Genetic relationships among recent Unionacea (Bivalvia) of North America. 321-330.
65. Merrill, A.S. & K.J. Boss. 1984. Notes on Acutitectonica (Architectoniciidae) with a description of a new species, A. sindermanni, from Brazil. 333-347.
66. Boss, K.J. & A.S. Merrill. 1984. Radular configuration and the taxonomic hierarchy in the Architectonicidae (Gastropoda). 349-411.

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Volume 5

Introduction and index by K.J. Boss. (in press)
67. Johnson, R.I. 1989. Molluscan taxa of Addison Emery Verrill and Katharine Jeannette Bush, including those introduced by Sanderson Smith and Alpheus Hyatt Verrill. 1-143.
68. Petit, R.E. & K.J. Boss. 1989. Searles V. Wood's "Monograph of the Crag Mollusca" (1848-1882) with notes on the generic name Astartella. 145-153.
69. Kabat, A.R. & K.J. Boss. 1992. An indexed catalogue of publications on molluscan type specimens. 157-336.
70. Kabat, A.R. & K.J. Boss. 1997. Addendum to "An indexed catalogue of publications on molluscan type specimens" (1992). 337-370.
71. Johnson, R.I. 1997. Comments on "the final report" of a massive search for Lasmigona decorata (Lea, 1852) and Alasmidonta robusta Clarke, 1981 (Bivalvia: Unionidae) from the Carolinas. 371-378.
72. Kabat, A.R. 1997. Correct family names for the freshwater "muteloid" bivalves (Unionoida: Etherioidea). 379-392.
73. Graf, D.L. 1997. The effect of breeding period on the biogeography of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionoidea) in the Minnesota region of North America. 393-407.
74. Graf, D.L. & J.C. Underhill. 1997. The western Lake Superior freshwater mussel (Bivalvia: Unionidae) community and its origin. 409-417.
75. Taylor, D.W. 1997. A new mussel, Disconaias conchos (Bivalvia: Unionidae) from the Rio Conchos of the Rio Grande system, Mexico. 419-425.
76. Johnson, R.I. (1998) A new mussel, Potamilis metnecktayi (Bivalvia: Unionidae) from the Rio Grande system, Mexico and Texas with notes on Mexican Disconaias. 427-455.

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Volume 6

77. Johnson, R.I. 1999. Unionidae of the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo Del Norte) System of Texas and Mexico. 1-66.
78. Johnson, R.I. 1999. The Duchess, the Brahmin, and the Chank Shell. 67-108.
79. Johnson, R.I. 2002. Albert Gallatin Wetherby: Malacology at the Cincinnati Society of Natural History and in Ohio (1843-1896). 109-134.
80. Johnson, R.I. 2002. Arthur Fairfield Gray (1855-1944), his malacological contributions. 135-148.
81. Johnson, R.I. 2002. The marvelous, monstrous, mythical, marine mollusk, Cochlea sarmatica Thevet, 1575. 149-174.
82. Graf, D.L. 2002. Historical biogeography and late glacial origin of the freshwater pearly mussel (Bivalvia: Unionidae) faunas of Lake Erie, North America. 175-212.

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