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Mammalogy Department

Collection Policies

Consumptive Sampling Policy

Requests for specimens to be used for consumptive analysis will be considered by the department on a case-by-case basis. Our policies on consumptive sampling generally follow the American Society of Mammalogists' Guidelines. Please read these guidelines before requesting a loan for consumptive analysis (ASM Consumptive Sampling Guidlines).

Consumptive sampling that alters or a specimen may include, but is not limited to, the following techniques: tissue samples taken from study skins, hides, or skeletal material for molecular research, dissection of specimens for anatomical studies, skull extraction from fluid specimens, sectioning of teeth and bones, removal of hair for reference purposes or biochemical analysis, and coating of specimens for scanning electron microscopy.

All samples derived from MCZ specimens remain the property of the MCZ and should be returned. DNA extracted from specimens should be stored in an appropriate facility that ensures future use and access (such as GenBank). The MCZ accession numbers should be cross-referenced at these facilities to ensure the identity of the material.

The borrower must read and agree upon the conditions stated in the ASM Guidelines when requesting a loan of material for consumptive analysis. This agreement must be acknowledged on institutional letterhead if the loan is to be approved.