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Mammalogy Department



Hopi Hoekstra Curator of Mammalogy, Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology, Professor of Biology


Alfred Crompton Faculty-Curator Emeritus, Professor of Natural History, Emeritus


Judith M. Chupasko Curatorial Associate/Collection Manager
Catherine Musinsky Faculty/Collection Assistant
Mark D. Omura Curatorial Assistant
Celine Clabaut Hoekstra Lab Manager
Jess Gard Faculty/Collection Assistant

Graduate Students

Zain Ali Hoekstra Lab
Nicole Bedford Hoekstra Lab
Emily Jacobs-Palmer Hoekstra Lab
Emily Kay Hoekstra Lab
Evan Kingsley Hoekstra Lab
Hillery C. Metz Hoekstra Lab

Postdoctoral Fellows

Rowan Barrett Hoekstra Lab
Andres Bendesky Hoekstra Lab
Heidi Fisher Hoekstra Lab
Jean-Marc Lassance Hoekstra Lab
Ricardo Mallarino Hoekstra Lab
Brant Peterson Hoekstra Lab
Yu-Ping Poh Hoekstra Lab

MCZ Associate

Brian S. Arbogast  
Martin Nweeia