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Shared-Use Facilities

Digital Media Facility Usage Policy for MCZ Users

The facility is open for use by any MCZ researcher, student or staff.

  • MCZ personnel who wish to use the DIF must receive safety training.
  • Sign up in advance using FAS Research Computing’s SPINAL instrument scheduling system. To request an account with Research Computing, visit the request page on the RC website. Equipment-use time must be recorded even if the schedule is open. Include warm-up and clean-up time during sign-up.
  • MCZ department approval must be obtained for specimens x-rayed. Living specimens may be x-rayed, provided the protocol to be used is included in an approved IACUC application.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the facility. Keep the room clean.
  • Do not leave personal work on the hard drive of any equipment. Hard drives are cleaned regularly.
  • Personal material, including specimens and tools, should not be left in the facility. Do not remove any non-personal items from the DIF.
  • The equipment must be operated in a safe manner which is consistent with the posted notices and the safety training that is received.
  • For more info or to immediately report any equipment or maintenance problems, contact MCZ Collections Operations.
  • Digital media of MCZ specimens, and associated metadata, should be captured in accordance with MCZ permissions (see below), standards and copies provided to the appropriate MCZ collection department for archiving. The MCZ provides a set of guidelines for all such media and metadata.
  • Reproduction, publication, or other use of MCZ specimen media is governed by the MCZ's Permissions & Copyright policy.

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