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Marine gallery

Combining models with specimens from multiple MCZ departments, the new Marine Life exhibit in the Harvard Museum of Natural History immerses visitors in the New England coastal water environment and presents research from around the world. Read more about the exhibit here (Nov 2015).


A recent article in Biology Letters by Thomas Sanger, a former MCZ postdoc, resolves the evolutionary history of the penis. Sanger examined MCZ’s precious collection of Victorian-era histological slides of tuatara embryos for his research, which concludes that the penis evolved just once in the common ancestor of mammals and reptiles. Read more about the findings in ScienceShot (Oct 2015).


Ricardo Perez de la Fuente, MCZ Postdoctoral Fellow in the Farrell Lab, is part of a new international study that found pollination in an extinct group of flies preserved in Spanish amber for more than a hundred million years. Read more about the research here (Oct 2015).


Congratulations to MCZ Curator Scott Edwards for receiving the 2015 Elliot Coues Award from the American Ornithologists Union in September.


Former MCZ graduate student, Carolyn Eng, and Professor Andrew Biewener have co-authored two studies, in the Journal of Experimental Biology and the Journal of Biomechanics, that examine how the iliotibial (IT) band stores and releases elastic energy to make walking and running more efficient. Read more in the Harvard Gazette (Aug 2015).


Jonathan Losos and his colleagues study the evolution of anole lizard species that were caught in amber millions of years ago. They hope to find out how these lizards lived, and to compare them to species that are alive today. Read more in the July 28, 2015 issue of the Harvard Gazette.


The MCZ's collections and research space in the Northwest Building received LEED platinum certification—the highest rating possible—from the U.S. Green Building Council. Read more about the project in the Harvard Gazette.


Research on island evolution by Prof. Jonathan Losos and other faculty-curators is the subject of a new exhibit in the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Read more about "Islands: Evolving in Isolation" in the June 23, 2015 issue of the Harvard Gazette.

Mansi Srivastava

The MCZ is delighted to welcome Dr. Mansi Srivastava AB, PhD, as curator of Invertebrate Zoology and assistant professor in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology beginning July 2015.

Harvard Magazine article on microCT-scan

The MCZ's use of micro-computed tomography (microCT) to examine internal morphology of museum specimens is discussed in the July-August 2015 issue of Harvard Magazine. The scans are available to view on select specimens pages in MCZbase.

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